The Way Culture is Oriented

From Halloween time to run-of-the-mill offensively-themed college Greek parties, cultural appropriation is a growingly popular topic and issue. However, like the many ways of exploiting minorities and marginalized people for the benefit of the privileged, it has existed in the history of the world for quite some time. Though it may seem that the concept cannot be taken seriously thanks to liberal extremists, the true reasoning for calling others out on their appropriation has nothing to do with policing anyone’s freedom of speech.

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Is My Empire Falling Apart?

In lieu of this year’s US election results, I feel the need to address something that some of my classmates have already chosen to talk about in their blogs. Before the possibility of Donald Trump’s presidency became a reality, my classmates foresaw the dangers of what could come of it. They recognize Donald Trump as a negative icon and the scare tactics and hateful stereotypes he has used to his advantage during his campaign. Now that he is “president-elect” and therefore not technically in office, many still do not know how to properly feel.

Many people know that they alone cannot impeach Trump because only Congress has that power. If they protest, they feel that it will not make a big enough impact because he has been elected already. If they complain, they feel no one in power will hear them.

Despite these common doubts, others still choose to use their voices and keep fighting (myself included). However, in all seriousness, what does Donald Trump’s presidency mean for the United States? Now that he is in such a powerful position where he can make decisions for the entire country, it is hard to predict what will come next for us.

Is this really the beginning of the end?

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Kant’s Worst Nightmare

George Orwell’s dystopian society in 1984 is the ultimate portrayal of what Immanuel Kant discusses is a human fault in his essay, What Is Enlightenment?

If Kant were to read Orwell’s work, he would be fearful of the day the society of 1984 came to life. But without a doubt, he would agree with many of the points Orwell makes about the individual right to think for yourself.

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Glory and Grace–at What Cost?

Recently in my Humanities Core seminar class, we reexamined the Roman empire and how it has been presented to us through our lectures.

In short, it was analyzed that a sense of glorification was given off based on the information provided. We had ended our learnings with the empire’s glorious “Pax Romana” period, a time of security and prosperity. However, this period of peace and flourishment of the arts was achieved with a cost.

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What Does it Mean to be “American?”

The concept of being a part of a nation– or empire, if you will, has a metaphorical meaning other than the one having to do with land size and dictators and such.

The United States is an empire of its own accord with a history of expanding borders and growing in population of people as it conquered new-found land.

Though most of the conquering was, well, centuries ago, what we are left with in today’s time is a melting pot of people with a variety of different backgrounds and cultures. Some born and raised in this country, some apply and earn their citizenship, and some fall under in the grey area of living here but not exactly having official documentation. Regardless– these are Americans. American people under this American empire.

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