This Post Should be Censored

There’s a lot of things that fascinate me. Irony, paradoxes, and contradictions to name a few are always fun to think about because you can easily get lost in them. I’m also fascinated by body art, but that’s off topic.

There are many topical taboos in society which cause us to feel awkward and tense when they come up in conversations. Sex. Sex. Sex. SEX is one of them, and I find it hilarious that it’s so shunned and considered indecent. Even as I have multiple tabs open on a community computer in a study lounge, I’m worried that people are glimpsing at my screen and judging me. *Why is she googling sex, lol?* Hints of sex, sexual activity, and acts that are sexually suggestive can be found anywhere online, in advertisements, and in the media and through those platforms it is so normally present that I believe we’ve developed some sort of tolerance towards it. The irony. So why is it still weird to talk about sex?

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