Is My Empire Falling Apart?

In lieu of this year’s US election results, I feel the need to address something that some of my classmates have already chosen to talk about in their blogs. Before the possibility of Donald Trump’s presidency became a reality, my classmates foresaw the dangers of what could come of it. They recognize Donald Trump as a negative icon and the scare tactics and hateful stereotypes he has used to his advantage during his campaign. Now that he is “president-elect” and therefore not technically in office, many still do not know how to properly feel.

Many people know that they alone cannot impeach Trump because only Congress has that power. If they protest, they feel that it will not make a big enough impact because he has been elected already. If they complain, they feel no one in power will hear them.

Despite these common doubts, others still choose to use their voices and keep fighting (myself included). However, in all seriousness, what does Donald Trump’s presidency mean for the United States? Now that he is in such a powerful position where he can make decisions for the entire country, it is hard to predict what will come next for us.

Is this really the beginning of the end?

As per Edward Gibbons of the Freeman Institute, like the Roman empire, there are signs that can forewarn the falling of an empire. The first is a decline in morals and values. Gibbons says that “morals and values that kept together the Roman legions and thus the empire could not be maintained towards the end of the empire,” like the frivolous spendings and luxuries of the Pax Romana period on “lavish parties” and unknowingly dangerous lead pipe waterlines (Gibbons). In our empire, people who support Donald Trump believe in frivolous ways of protesting against protestors (the irony). For instance, to protest Starbucks for endorsing Hillary Clinton among other things, “Operation #TrumpCup” kicked off in which Trump supporters buy drinks from Starbucks in Trump’s name. Giving their business and money supports Starbucks regardless, and the most that
Operation #TrumpCup. Mashable.

this “protest” does is make some baristas uncomfortable. To the #TrumpCup participators, however, they are making a seemingly huge statement that is doing them some sort of justice. With issues like this being the most important to some people. It is hard to see where the values and priorities of Trump supporters lie.

Meanwhile, many people, including some of the people I care about, are fearing for their own safety and livelihood because everything they know could be taken away from them if Trump chooses to do so. Their priorities lie in protecting their families and coming up with alternative plans in case they are forced to leave the country. Some scared that they won’t be able to continue their education with Trump’s 100 Day Plan including repealing DACA. DACA protects children of immigrants against deportation and grants them the ability to obtain work permits (NPR).

To some people, getting back at Starbucks is at the top of their social justice agenda. This worries me. Even though this may represent only a portion of the country, much of the nation wanted this president with this same kind of questionable mentality. It’s scary to think that my country that is thought of as “a land of the free” is this picky about who gets a piece of that freedom. Will I ever be subjected to not having freedom anymore? I can only hope not.


One thought on “Is My Empire Falling Apart?”

  1. Hello Kiana!
    I completely agree with you on this topic. Trump, a person with so much power and support from other haters, is now going to be able to make decisions for the United States. I believe that many corrupt individuals with a negative attitude and closed mindset will eventually lead their nation to their downfall. Hopefully, things will somehow be resolved with Trump getting elected as President.


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